CHINO VALLEY, Ariz. - The 10-year-old boy who was found burned and bruised on Thursday has died, the Chino Valley Police Department said in a release.

Christian Pearson died Sunday, according to Chino Valley police, after suffering fatal "abuse and injuries" on June 8.

Chino Valley police said that the department is requesting the charges against Julianna Moreno and Daniel Terry, the two arrested for attempted murder after Pearson was found not breathing, be upgraded to first-degree murder.

According to the Chino Valley Police Department, Pearson's back, torso, legs, arms, neck and head were covered in bruises. He also had both second- and third-degree burns on various parts of his body.

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The investigation is ongoing and the department is asking anyone who may have attended a yard sale held by the couple at their home near 1200 W. Poco Lane on June 8 to contact police.