SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Maya Warren, the winner of Amazing Race Season 25, is now a professional tastemaster for Cold Stone Creamery.

"I hope to just keep putting a smile on people’s faces," she said. "Being the only tastemaster, I feel extremely honored and I feel humbled to have been chosen to have this position."

Warren got the once-in-a-lifetime job after her reality show stint. Fans of the popular show saw she was a food scientist that specialized in sweets and reached out to her.

Her newest task is to lead a team to come up with innovative flavors for the company worldwide.

"We have to be able to make people smile from Idaho to Times Square and those are a lot of diverse palettes," she said.

So how does her team come up with a new flavor?

"The process of going from an idea -- like 'Oh, we should do wasabi ice cream' -- to then actually having wasabi ice cream in the store is sort of a long process."

From flavor development to marketing research to implementation in all stores, it can take a year or longer for a flavor to go from paper to store. Her most proud flavor: Confetti Cupcake.

"It’s such a fun flavor and it’s a take on our cake batter ice cream which we know is absolutely phenomenal."

The flavor is now available.