PHOENIX - Hundreds of new Arizona laws are set to go into effect Aug. 9. Here are six to keep in mind:

1. HB 2134: Arizona schools, child care facilities or children's camps can no longer require students to have a note from a parent or a prescription to use and possess sunscreen.

2. HB 2494: Anyone who enters a locked, unattended vehicle to rescue a child or pet will not be liable for damages and will be protected from a civil lawsuit if they comply with the following conditions:

-The rescuer has a good faith belief that the confined child or pet is in imminent danger of suffering physical injury or death unless they are removed from the vehicle.

-The rescuer determines the car is locked or there is no reasonable manner in which the person can remove the child or pet.

-Before entering the vehicle, the rescuer notifies the proper authorities.

-The rescuer does not use more force than is necessary under the circumstances to enter the vehicle.

-The rescuer remains with the child or pet until the authorities arrive.

3. SB 1122: Prevents state, county and city governments from requiring background checks on private gun sales.

4. SB 1073: It will now be illegal to cover a license plate or use any electronic device or film that conceals the plate from any angle. Violators would be subject to civil fines decided by a judge.

5. HB 2047: The legal age to manufacture, sell, serve or handle liquor will drop from 19 to 18 years old.

6. HB 2208: If a student or adult is showing signs of respiratory distress, a school employee now has the right to administer a rescue inhaler.