A collection of new laws passed in Arizona could impact you or your loved ones once they go into effect this summer.

Here are five:

Citizen to the rescue

12 News has reported extensively about the dynamics of this law. We even broke a car window to see how difficult or easy it would be during an emergency.

The law states you can no longer be sued if you break a window of a locked car if you are attempting to rescue a child or pet.

What some have dubbed the "hot car law" states that window-breakers are justified if there appears to be "an imminent danger of physical injury or death."

Medical bill remedy

Arizonans with health insurance who receive a surprise out-of-network bill of over $1,000 are now allowed to seek help from the State Department of Insurance.

The department can intervene to help resolve the dispute.

License plate no-no's

As 12 News reported in March, it is now illegal to cover a license plate or use any electronic device or film that obscures the plate from any angle.

No more moving nightmares

This new law provides protections for people who hire a moving company for in-state moves. It is designed to prevent predatory movers who refuse to unload a person's goods and demand more payment.

Now all moves must be signed off by both parties in contracts first.

Don't forget the sunscreen

School-age children no longer need a note or prescription to bring sunscreen to school or a camp.