A recent survey ranked drivers in Idaho as the most courteous in the U.S.

The survey, conducted by the nonprofit Kars4Kids, queried a total of 2,500 respondents to determine the rankings. It contained questions including "how aggressively do you respond to slow driving?” and “would you steal someone’s parking spot?”

Arizona ranked 14th and California ranked 17th. Drivers in New York came in dead last for courtesy.

Arizona drivers did not get high marks in two categories: responding when being tailgated, and letting cars merge in heavy traffic. Compared to our other grades, more Arizona drivers would respond rudely when being tailgated, and fewer of us would let other drivers in our lane in front of us.

The Kars4Kids survey also found that female drivers between the ages of 51 and 64 ranked as the most polite to their fellow motorists.

The West was ranked higher for courtesy than other regions in the US.

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