PHOENIX - LifeLock, which sells credit monitoring services, apparently has an agreement with Equifax to use its information to monitor credit breaches.

Equifax recently disclosed hackers had gained access to the personal information of 143 million Americans.

In an interview with Bloomberg, a LifeLock official said the company had signed up about 10,000 new accounts since the Equifax breach was announced, and web traffic to the LifeLock site was six times higher than before the breach was announced.

But in LifeLock's terms of service, the company spells out that it has partnered with Equifax to provide its credit monitoring services. According to that agreement, LifeLock customers agree to let LifeLock give Equifax their personal information if the credit bureau doesn't have it already.

In effect, LifeLock is then using Equifax to monitor the credit of the very people impacted by Equifax's breach.

LifeLock did not respond to a request for comment.