This story was originally published April 11, 2017.

CHANDLER, Ariz. - The Chandler Unified School District is launching an investigation into the alleged hazing crimes inside Hamilton High School's football locker room.

The alleged incidents have led to the arrests of three students and one of them is now charged as an adult.

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Police are giving the district permission to come up with its own findings as the community seeks answers.

"First I want to apologize that we even have to be here," Ken James, principal of Hamilton High School, said to a crowd of students and parents.

James was speaking at an event organized by the Gridiron Booster club to help begin the "healing process."

"I have two boys of my own, but I have 4,000 students there, that it just hurts me when they're hurt," James said.

As for answers about the future of this perennial powerhouse program, the school's hands are tied.

"When it's all said and done all of your questions will be answered, but we can't answer them now because we don’t know anything yet," James said.

When asked if he expects to keep his job after all this, James said, that decision is above his pay grade and he is fully cooperating in the investigation.