Nathaniel Thomas made his first court appearance days after the Hamilton hazing scandal broke. Thomas was accused of being the instigator for the “initiation” and hazing, while other kids were accused of holding the victims down while they were penetrated.

According to court documents, the underclassmen were called “fresh meat” and the object of the initiation was the strip them down and insert fingers of objects into their anuses.

Thomas was 17 at the time, but charged as an adult. The other suspects were charged as juveniles.

And court documents referred to videos shared on social media.

In Episode 2 we look at the allegations themselves and share 12 News obtained documents that show the extent of the alleged abuse. A renowned expert in hazing also weighs in on the culture of hazing, and why people tend to ignore the allegations…if they come forward at all.

Warning: Listener discretion is advised. Some podcast episodes may contain graphic details.

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