The Hamilton Huskies are a storied football team. They’ve won multiple championships; they had the longest winning streak in the country that lasted for years. The team’s now-former coach is legendary in Arizona and beyond.

In March of 2017, six current and former players were arrested in connection with what police called a hazing initiation.

Downfall investigates how a famous football team became headline news as the details of alleged sexual assault came to light.

In Episode 1, we look at the history of the Hamilton Huskies and what made them such a popular and winning team. Then, the news of the arrests breaks and the suspects are taken into custody.

Our reporters who covered the story share their memories of covering the case in its early days, and the questions that still remain to this day. Parents share why they decided to hold off on judgment and the main suspect prepares for his first court appearance.

Warning: Listener discretion is advised. Some podcast episodes may contain graphic details.

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