This story was originally published July 27, 2017.

CHANDLER, Ariz. - Hamilton High School athletic director Shawn Rustad failed to report incidents of hazing to proper authorities earlier this year, Chandler police said in a release Thursday.

Police have recommended charges against Rustad in the school football team's hazing case.

They already recommended charges against former head coach Steve Belles and current principal Ken James for failing to report instances of hazing.

Police documents say at least three assaults took place in the football locker room at the school between fall 2016 and January 2017. Each of the three victims were freshman players under 15 years old and were sexually initiated into the varsity team, police said.

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The documents allege Rustad, also an assistant principal, became aware of an anonymous voicemail about the hazing in January 2017, and James told him to interview four players on the team.

Rustad spoke to the students but did not notify their parents, per police. Two of the four described being being disrobed by fellow players and a third confirmed that another player was being harassed.

The documents show Rustad told Belles to address the behavior with the team.

Rustad told police that he spoke to the victims' parents after the interviews, but Chandler police did not find out about the hazing until later.

District spokesperson Terry Locke gave the following statement to 12 News about Rustad:

"Mr. Rustad will continue in his duties as athletic director at Hamilton High during the pendency of the county attorney's review."