FLORIDA - Police in Longboat Key, Florida say they're searching for other victims after Airbnb guests found a hidden camera in the bedroom of a condo they were staying in.

Last month, an Indiana man and his wife were staying at a Longboat Key condo they booked through Airbnb.

During their stay, the man noticed something odd about the smoke detector above the bed in the master bedroom. The device had a small black dot. When he opened up the smoke detector, he found a camera and a microphone inside. There was another similar smoke detector in the living room.

"We did have the opportunity to analyze what was on the SD card and there are a couple of different people on them," said Longboat Key Police Lt. Robert Bourque.

The homeowner, Wayne Natt, was arrested and charged with video voyeurism.

Police believe there were many victims who were unknowingly recorded.

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