PHOENIX - A study showing a potential link between miscarriages and flu shots has doctors warning expecting mothers not to panic and skip the shot altogether.

The study found a link between flu shots and miscarriages in a small number of women, but did not find that the miscarriages were caused by flu shots. Many future studies would be needed to prove a causal relationship between the two, experts said.

Doctors said these results to do not mean pregnant women should skip their flu shots.

"Definitely still get it, hands down," Dr. Candice Wood at Banner University Medical Center said. "They're protecting themselves and they're protecting their newborn infants who can't get vaccinated for up to six months."

Wood said the mother's vaccination transfers to the infants, giving them that six months of protection.

Although Wood is still advising pregnant women to get vaccinated, she said they can talk it over with their doctor to possibly delay the vaccination until later in the pregnancy.