MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - An Ohio State University study recently found that people in areas with blue-green algae blooms are more likely to die from non-alcohol related liver disease.

Dr. Edie Widder with the Ocean Research and Conversation Association (ORCA) says there are several ways how you can absorb the dangerous toxins.

"It was crazy for people to be out water skiing," Widder said, referring to a major bloom last year in Martin County, Florida. "That's one of the best ways you can ever take up these toxins."

Even if you're not in the water, you can still inhale the toxins and that's not all. Widder says the toxins might have made it in your water and food supply.

"If you irrigate crops with toxin-containing water, the food can actually take up the toxins," Widder said.

ORCA is currently also testing fish from the river for toxins.

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