Having a hard time staying on the healthy track? Then it’s time to organize your refrigerator.

If you’ve ever had to clean out your fridge, you know food that disappears to the back is often forgotten and tossed.

Keeping an organized fridge can help you save money, time and keep your healthy food habits on track.

“It really helps keep your family eating healthy if your refrigerator is structured on a daily basis,” said Dr. Sonal Haerter from St. Joe’s Hospital.

Haerter gave us a sneak peek at her fridge and how this strategy helps her family grab ready-to-go healthy snacks and stay on top of their grocery list.

Here are some tips to help you get your fridge organized:

1. Have a menu: Know what you’re going to eat and prepare your meals in advance, which makes for a less hectic week.
2. Have a plan: Access your fridge space, pull everything out and arrange foods in groups.
3. Buy food containers: Sometimes the biggest downfall after grocery shopping is not cleaning and prepping veggies and fruit.
4. Label: Your containers, shelves, everything you can -- this helps everyone stay on track.
5. Have a list: Keeping a grocery list nearby helps keep track of needs, saving you time and money.

Here 17 of the best ideas about organizing refrigerators, according to Pinterest.