Doctors say during the beginning of the school year, kids come in for appointments with symptoms of an itchy scalp, no matter how many times they shampoo. Unfortunately, that's a dead giveaway they have lice.

One Texas mom swears that her daughters have not had lice because of an all-natural remedy.

As a mom to two teenage girls with beautiful long hair, Nora Kapche searches for ways to keep lice away. She swears tea tree oil helps prevent lice.

"You just use some water and put about 15 to 20 drops of the tea tree oil into your spray bottle and then you just spray this on your hair every day," Kapche says. "A really good and easy thing to do is to take a regular shampoo that you already use, put in about two drops per ounce of tea tree oil into the bottle itself, give it a little shake and use it. That's all you need. So, you can buy the expensive stuff or you can make some yourself."

The Centers for Disease Control states the only way to avoid lice is to teach kids how to avoid them.

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