Investigators with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have arrived in Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona following an outbreak of E.coli there that has left two children dead and nine others sick.

Jennie Bowen, spokesperson with the Mohave County Health Department confirmed this afternoon that the CDC is now helping county and state workers in their search for answers.

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"At this point, we still do not know what the source of the contamination is," she said. "We've told residents in the area to not eat any beef while we try to find out if the beef some of the victims ate was contaminated. We don't have test results back yet. We tested the drinking water and it is safe."

When asked if there is any connection between this E.coli outbreak and one last month in Tennessee, Bowen said she's not sure, adding that this is a challenging investigation.

"It's like being a detective, looking for clues. It’s more complex because you have so many variables," Bowen said.

The CDC has not returned our calls yet for more information.