The Internet is filled with DIY project ideas but one video that's now gone viral teaches people how to do their own tattoos at home and poses serious health risks.

The Stick N' Poke video shows a list of ingredients you likely have at home, including tools to make a tattoo needle. Then, it instructs people to dip into drawing ink and inject it into the skin.

While the DIY tattoo appears easy and fun, the technique is dangerous.

Taylor Ennis says as a mother and manager at Doomsday Tattoo Manager, the video is troubling.

"A: It's a video going viral online and B, the amount of views. It is extremely worrisome that that many people are seeing that," Ennis said. "It's scary to think kids could be doing this on each other with literally, no idea the risks."

Ennis said unlike a person's home, a tattoo parlor has safety measures in place and is regulated by the state, which includes the materials and employees who must be licensed.

Doctor Joe Pendon at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital said the risky practice can also, have life-long consequences.

"There are bacteria everywhere. You can get infections just from using the equipment and then, you can also get infections from sharing needs with other people. You can get bad diseases like HIV or hepittis," Pendon said.