TEMPE, Ariz. - How about a workout class that combines cardio sprints both in and out of the water?

Crosswim is a cool way to workout year-round, especially in the summer.

"This program whips you into shape," said Taylor Holmes, one of the instructors at the Mona Plummer Aquatics Center in Tempe. "Research has show that high intensity interval training has been one of the best ways to burn fat so we’re just kind of piggybacking off of that and adding swimming into that mix."

The class is an hour long divided into two parts. The first is outside of the water.

"We have access to a lot of bleachers, parking garages, 'A mountain'," she said, "so we usually like to sprint for those."

After about 20-30 minutes, it's time to jump in.

"We go on pretty long intervals so if you swim fast, you get a lot of rest," Holmes said. "If you’re not the fastest swimmer, you’ll still be able to do it and keep up with everyone."

I tried out the class three times in the course of a week and it was tough, but it is doable. The strength and stamina challenge will push your endurance, but the physical reward at the end is worth it.

You don't have to be the strongest swimmer, you just have to keep going and it is modified for all shapes, sizes and ages.

First time members can try the classes unlimited for one month. The cost is $40. After that, the cost goes up to $79/month.

For more information, visit: http://crosswim.com/.