HOUSTON, TX - Hundreds of patients are taking advantage of a new program at UTMB in Houston, where the hospital is issuing audio recorders to patients. The program is to help patients remember and follow the doctor's orders.

In regards to unanswered questions, Dr. Avi Markowitz, chief of hematology oncology at UTMB says, "When you listen back to that recording you may find out we actually already talked about it and the question has been answered but now you can go back and recall what we said."

For retired attorney Charles Morgan and his wife, the day it helped them most is the one that is foggiest in their memory: the day he heard "you have cancer."

"We weren't expecting that diagnosis and I was totally unprepared. I have a phone, I could have done that on my phone but I didn't even think about it," Kathy Morgan said.

The Morgans said they were thankful the recorder was given to them and gave them power to understand the treatment plan because everything could be referenced later and help them answer questions at home.

Markowitz said having visits recorded gives them a mutual understanding of the patient's disease.

"The more patients understand about what's going on, the easier it is for them to interact with us. When you know why I'm concerned about something and why it's important, you can often feedback to me more appropriately and more timely."

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