PHOENIX - Our daily connection with digital devices can be obsessive for many and even addicting for others.

When you do have a few days off from work, do you completely disconnect from the job during those vacation trips?

A lot of folks say they just can't stop looking at work email or taking calls. According to a 2016 Intel study, about 55 percent of respondents who planned to disconnect were unable to do so.

"Adults get to let go of some of the habitual patterns of their daily lives like keeping track of time and schedule and being glued to their technology," Megan Lipsett, head counselor at Digital Detox.

Digital Detox is an adult retreat that helps individuals reevaluate their relationship with technology and create a more mindful, balanced lives.

Some studies have shown that staying plugged in all the time has an adverse effect on health.

So, where do you draw the line? Take the time to reconnect with yourself and loved ones. Stop and smell the roses instead of just posting them.