Students all over Arizona are gearing up to go back to school this month and that means new clothes, new backpacks and vaccinations.

Arizona state law requires all students who plan to go to school and child care centers to provide proof of immunization before they are allowed to attend.

Homeless students are allowed a five-day grace period to provide their proof of immunization once the school year starts.

If parents opt to not vaccinate their children, they must fill out a valid exemption form for religious reasons, medical reasons or personal beliefs.

Donna Furlong, a clinic services manager for Coconino County Public Health Services District, says that parents should have their children checked frequently for vaccine updates.

"See your doctor at least annually if not more often so we can check and make sure they are up to date. Get your kiddos vaccinated before they go back to school and wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands," said Furlong.

Many organizations around Arizona are offering free immunization services. To see a list of community health services in your area, click here. To see a list of immunization clinics, click here.

You can also go to your primary care provider to receive vaccinations.

For more information about what you need to get your child ready for back to school, visit the Arizona Department of Health Services website.