A Florida couple says a gas station made a major mistake when an attended swiped their credit card.

Susan Bower says she's gone to the same Fort Myers Valero station for years, but now she will never go back.

In May, she says she and her husband stopped there as they usually did to pump gas.

Bower says they swiped their credit card for about $20 worth of gas. The next day, they tried using the same card, but were alerted they were over their credit limit.

The culprit? A $9,949.36 charge at Valero. That is 2,700 gallons' worth of gas.

"It was shocking. I mean, it's just like how did that happen," says Bower. "We normally don't look at our receipts, you just assume you're going to be charged whatever you put your credit card in for."

Bower says she went back for a refund the next day but found out it was not that simple.

"The lady came here the next day, I gave her the receipt and I wrote down everything she need, and I gave her our head office phone number," said Robi Kan, the gas station manager.

Kan says the money goes into a corporate account.

Bower says the problem took more than a week to fix.

"They should've picked the ball up and taken care of that," said Bower.

She says the gas station did not own up or help her solve the problem sooner and she wants more compensation.

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