In August, I got to travel to the set of "Superstore" at Universal Studios Hollywood as they were in the midst of taping season 3.

As soon as you walk in Stage 16, it looks as if you're walking into a real superstore! Aisles upon aisles and shelves stacked with real products you'd want to buy. Even a 3D printer!

This season features a produce section, and while all of the fruits and veggies look real, those are all fake. The juice bottles are filled with shampoo and the sandwiches are actually empty boxes with a picture of a sandwich on the front!

It's incredible the attention to detail on set.

When the cameras aren't rolling, the cast tells me they like to break out in song. Could there be a "Superstore the musical" brewing? We can all dream!

Watch the video in the player above to find out more secrets about the show and the stars!