Late night host Jimmy Kimmel has found himself smack dab in the middle of the debate over health care, and now he's applauding one of the biggest Republican names to oppose recent Obamacare repeal bills.

Following his newborn son's heart surgery, Kimmel made an emotional plea on behalf of health-care funding praising Obamacare for giving those with pre-existing conditions access to health insurance.

Days later Kimmel spoke with Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy on his show. Cassidy had previously said any health care bill he was to support would have to pass what he referred to as "The Jimmy Kimmel Test"

But with the bill he has sponsored, the so-called Graham-Cassidy health care bill, Kimmel feels Cassidy may have lied to his face.

"When Sen. Cassidy was on my show in May, he told me that he believed that every American family regardless of income should be able to get quality health care," Kimmel said. "And I believed he was sincere. Sadly, the bill he unveiled last week with Sen. Lindsey Graham indicates that he was not sincere. It is, by many accounts, the worst health care bill yet."

He spoke out against a few Republicans on his Wednesday night show, but come Friday Kimmel was thanking another.

Sen. John McCain released a statement saying he could not in "good conscience" vote for the Graham-Cassidy bill.

"The issue is too important, and too many lives are at risk, for us to leave the American people guessing from one election to the next whether and how they will acquire health insurance. A bill of this impact requires a bipartisan approach."

Kimmel called him a hero.

"Thank you @SenJohnMcCain for being a hero again and again and now AGAIN," he tweeted.

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