QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. - Inside Frances Brandon Pickett Elementary is a win-win partnership between kindergartners and high school students.

"We're helping them see where they're at in the school year," said high school senior Bailey Roden, "and gauge where they're going to be and what they need to further learn throughout the year."

Students like Roden are in an early childhood education class. They administer the first quarter tests with the kindergartners, asking the kids to identify numbers, shapes and letters.

This allows the high schoolers to learn what it's like to be a kindergarten teacher and it allows Helen Litle, a kindergarten teacher, to use her day to teach students who are not taking the test.

"It's so time-saving," said Litle. "What we found in the past is that it took -- even if we took a personal day and had a substitute teacher -- that we didn't get anyone finished."

The goal is to make this program an annual learning experience for both age groups.