PHOENIX - Students at North High School and South Mountain High School in Phoenix walked out of class Tuesday to protest President's Trump's decision to drop DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

More a hundred students from South Mountain High School marched to the police substation a mile away from the high school on Southern Avenue.

“We're fighting for the thing that happened with Donald Trump, what he did to DACA. He got rid of it. We're fighting against it,” said Jose Eduardo, a student at South Mountain High School.

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The march was peaceful with a few banners and chants. Students kept the march along the sidewalks. Phoenix police followed along keeping a buffer between the protest and traffic. South Mountain High School principal Brian Guliford and some school administrators followed the protest to make sure the students were safe.

For some of the students, the protest was about protecting their future.

“Most of us are immigration students and we need this opportunity for us to go to college and this is the only opportunity we have,” said student Juan Torres.

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Not all the students are covered by DACA. Many have family members and friends who could be affected by President Trump’s decision to end DACA.

Now the future of Dreamers lies in the hands of Congress. The students are still hopeful for a positive result.

“Yes, I feel like our Congress will do what they need to with our DACA students,” said Torres.