PEORIA, Ariz. - Even after 24 years of teaching, Terri Yates has yet to say she is done with her career. She's a first grade teacher at Paseo Verde Elementary School in the northwest part of the Valley.

A couple of months ago, we asked for recommendations for outstanding teachers in the Phoenix area via our Facebook page. Mrs. Yates was one of three teachers from Paseo Verde to be selected by parents of her former students.

"It feels great to be recognized," she said in a calming voice. "It's great that I am remembered."

It's no secret that Arizona ranks as one of the last states when it comes to education, but you would never know it if you were in Mrs. Yates class.

"Where Arizona ranks doesn't bother me too terribly because I see great things happening in my classroom," says our A+ teacher.

During our conversation, she told us how her students keep coming back to her class even years after they passed her class, and how respect is something she teaches her students from the first day they are in her class.

Maybe that's why her former students return to help year after year -- she taught them a valuable life lesson.