CHANDLER - Third graders at Kyrene del Cielo Elementary school in Chandler were busy writing letters of kindness and encouragement to students in Houston on Wednesday.

Students they may never meet who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

“They were going through flooding houses. They were losing stuff,” said Braylon Bobinski, a student at Kyrene del Cielo Elementary Echool.

All the third-grade classes at Kyrene del Cielo are participating in the Adopt-a-Classroom project. They will be sending letters and donated supplies to students in Texas. Rachel Neff implemented the program at the school.

“We’ve talked a lot about ways we can help the Hurricane Harvey victims. Through a friend, I was put in contact with an Adopt-a-Classroom contact. We were placed with a fourth-grade classroom in Houston, Texas at Burnett Elementary School. The classroom was in need of cleaning supplies and school supplies,” said Neff, a third-grade teacher at Kyrene del Cielo.

In addition to cleaning and school supplies, Neff’s students have collected clothes and gift cards to grocery stores.

Neff said the Adopt-a-Classroom project is a great learning experience for her students that can transcend the classroom.

“Our goal and our hope as teachers is to be able to teach kids these life lessons," Neff said. "When people are in need, we want them to be able to give and to care."

The class will be shipping out the donations on Friday for the project Neff’s students have taken to heart.

“Even though I don’t know them it makes me feel good because I’m helping someone else,” said Bobinski.