Alexis Aguirre's devotion to her students as individuals has earned her recognition.

The Encanto Elementary teacher was recently named an Outstanding Latino Educator, and she says part of her success is due to her view of each of her students as a unique person.

"Our students come with a very complex story even as young as my second-grade students, who are 7 years old," she said. "[Teachers] need to understand what’s going on in their family dynamics, and reach out to their family, celebrate their culture, reach out to their community and always expect more, expect excellence from their students."

The dual language teacher has been educating students for five years now. She says the hardest thing about being a teacher is time management -- after all, they only have the students in the classroom for so many hours each day.

"i think a lot of people have the misconception that we work from 7-2 and then we go home early. We're constantly thinking about our kids, thinking about what they need to continue pushing them," she said. "And then things outside of school -- you know, how they're doing emotionally, how they're doing psychologically, how we can support their parents so that they can better succeed."

That devotion to each child as a whole is part of what makes Ms. Aguirre such a special educator and our A+ Teacher this week.