SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. - When Danny Sisto was 17 years old, his mother, a teacher, texted him saying he would end up teaching. He replied “Not a chance.”

Fast-forward to present day, and Mr. Sisto, as his students know him is on his fourth year of teaching.

“I couldn’t be doing anything else but this," Sisto said with a smile. "It is a passion, I love it, and on top of that, I get to teach these kids about gaming, my other passion.”

The students in his gaming class at San Tan Valley High School sometimes tend to not participate in other classes, but they are hands-on and full force in his class. They are learning math, storytelling, coding and history without even knowing it.

“We started this project two years ago,” said Tim Richard, San Tan Valley High's principal. “We are so happy in the participation that these kids are taking, not just in his class but in the other classes they are taken. Mr. Sisto makes my job so easy. He’s kids first, which is what we want our teachers to be.”

“I do this to save these kids, some I’ve had for four years. I’m going to get teary eyed, because I’ve seen them grow before my eyes,” says Sisto, “ but I know that the next gaming success story is leaving our school, and that’s why I do this.”