PHOENIX - One thing you will notice as you walk into Ms. Chans' classroom is the diversity, right after the dog, of course. Both serve the purpose as to why we're here.

"Ms. Chan brings a different element of teaching into her classroom," says Susan Engdall, principal of Augustus H. Shaw Jr. Montessori Elementary School, "there are many children in her room, of all social environments, and she makes them all unite in their differences."

Fun Chan came to work for Shaw Montessori after teaching in the private sector, she began teaching 26 years ago, and has stayed in that field since.

"I saw someone on a show once called 60 Minutes, who said, when you do what you love, you never work, why retire from something you love?" says Chan. "I love being able to see my students who come back and check in, and are doing great for themselves."

Ms. Chan is also part of a dog rescue, she owns 10 dogs, and some of them are service animals, which are brought into the classroom on a daily basis.

"I like bringing the dogs because it creates a responsibility for the kids, the care of the dog is in their hands, and that is another element here in the classroom." says Chan.

"As part of the dog rescue, the kids become advocates for stray animals, and animals in general." says Engdall, "Sometimes she's here til 6 or 6:30 p.m., and on weekends she goes on trips with the kids, three to four days straight."

Ms. Chan brings a different element to the classroom than that of any other teacher. She let's the differences in the kids come about, and settles them in the classroom. She shows them how to live in a society of so many different cultures and beliefs -- one of the many reasons she's this week's A+ plus teacher.