Are you feeling lucky? If so, and you haven't bought your tickets for this week's Mega Millions or Powerball yet, you might want to make a pit-stop to pick one up.

There's a lot of excitement surrounding the dueling jackpots. People have been coming and going from the AM-PM on 16th Street and Thomas Road, loading up on tickets. Some are really opening up their pocket books, while others are spending just a couple bucks.

"This is the winner right here," said Anthony Phares, one of many people feeling lucky. He stopped by to get a Mega Millions ticket.

"I rarely do this," he said. "I'll usually get a scratcher. You guys make me feel like it's my lucky night."

Dueling jackpots for the two biggest lotteries are set to make history as they climb to a combined total of more than $650 million.

"First, I would probably help my grandmother out, because she takes care of my grandpa," said Phares, who says he would save a little if he wins big and donate some to charity.

"And then I'll take care of myself and my family," he said.

There was no winner Friday night in the Mega Millions drawing, so Tuesday's jackpot is now up to $346 million.

There was also no winner in Saturday night's Powerball drawing, which means Wednesday's jackpot is worth $307 million.

"Oh, very exciting," said Michelle Chacon, one of the assistant managers. "They come in and buy 10 to 12 tickets at a time." She said people are buying a lot of tickets for both jackpots.

"They have special numbers that they pick, and if they don't win from the last one, with a big jackpot like this, they come in and replay their numbers," she said.

Both jackpots could climb even higher as people continue to buy tickets for the upcoming lotteries.