HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - A woman suing Texas' Harris County Sheriff's Office over a roadside strip search says newly-released dashcam video will prove her case.

The dashcam video was recorded two years ago, but Charnesia Corley said she still feels the pain of what happened that night.

In June of 2015 Harris County deputies pulled her over in for running a red light, but when the officer approached her car he said he smelled marijuana, according to Corley.

Corley was handcuffed as a female officer patted her down and then removed her pants and began what she called an invasive and humiliating strip search.

The dashcam video showed her on the ground naked from the waist down with her legs pinned for nearly 11 minutes while two female deputies search her.

"She grabs me by handcuffs, slams me on the ground, puts her knee in my back ... shoves her fingers up inside of me," Corley said.

"They're supposed to protect you. They're supposed to keep you safe, not rape you. That's how I feel. I feel like I was raped," Corely said.

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