Six weeks after Chandler police say she was brutally stabbed by her husband, the wife of Thomas Robinson, a Tempe Municipal Court judge, appeared in court to defend his actions and plea for contact with him.

“This was a completely out of the ordinary action,” she told another judge at a hearing Friday morning. “I trust my husband, I love my husband, I miss my husband."

Robinson is accused of stabbing his wife 10 times in her chest, back, arm and face.

According to court documents, police believe the couple tried covering up the crime by throwing out the knife and other bloody evidence.

Investigators also say Robinson and his wife initially told investigators an intruder had stabbed her but later changes their stories.

“I don't feel that I'm in danger from Mr. Robinson and I really would like to be able to have some communication with him,” Robinson’s wife said in court.

Wendy Shepherd runs the Empower House of Phoenix, a nonprofit domestic shelter for women fleeing abuse.

“Women go through the cycle of violence and there's a honeymoon period,” Shepherd said.

While she can’t speak directly about the Robinson’s case, Shepherd has worked with many abuse victims in the past.

She says it's not uncommon for women to defend their abusers to try and keep them from facing charges.

“Really a lot of victims genuinely love their partner and they don't want their partner to get in trouble,” Shepherd said.

Shepherd says that's part of why a lot of domestic violence cases are never prosecuted.

“You never know what it's really going to take and sometimes, it has happen over and over and over again until someone says 'I've had enough,'” she said.

Investigators say Robinson eventually admitted to stabbing his wife and "stonewalling" police.

“We don't plan to get divorced," Robinson's wife said. "We have things we need to work out as far as financial conditions the house, the dogs and so forth."

When the prosecution got the chance to speak, they told the judge they did not believe it was a good idea for the couple to have direct contact.

Robinson’s wife was able to waive her victim’s rights to be contacted by his defense attorney.

Robinson has since retired from his position as a judge and currently out of jail under electronic monitoring.