LAS VEGAS - Under fire.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is giving the public an inside look at the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history, through the eyes of police officers and their body cameras.

The department releases about three minutes of footage. It shows officers dodging bullets.

“Hey, they're shooting right at us. Everybody stay down. Stay down,” yelled one officer, gathering others to crouch behind a cement wall, with the Mandalay Bay in the distance.

The video also shows officers using breaks in the firing to get some of the 20,000 people at the country concert to safety.

“Hey, you guys -- get down,” yelled another officer to group of panicked people. “Go that way, get out of here. There are gunshots coming from over there. Go that way.”

One officer even appeared to use his body as a shield and lie on top of several people as rapidly-fired bullets headed their way.

“I got a vest on,” the officer said as gunshots rang out.