The Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety released numbers Tuesday detailing statewide DUI arrests over the recent holiday weekend.

Between Sept. 1 and 4, law enforcement made total of 490 DUI arrests in Arizona. Most of those DUIs, 436, were misdemeanors, meaning first-time offenses. There were 54 aggravated DUIs, or DUIs committed by drivers with suspended licenses or prior DUIs.

Additionally, 114 of the 490 DUIs were classified as extreme, meaning the driver's blood alcohol level was .15 or higher. The data calculated an average known BAC of .143.

According to Office of Highway Safety, 20 DUI arrests involved people under the age of 21.

Additionally, there were over 2,900 civil speeding citations from Sept. 1 to Sept. 4.

Over the weekend, 87 agencies set up DUI task force checkpoints all over Arizona to crack down on impaired driving.

There were more DUI arrests this last weekend than either of the previous two Labor Day weekends, according to the numbers. In 2014, however, 625 DUI arrests were made.