TEMPE, Ariz. - The City of Tempe said Monday Chandler police arrested Tempe Municipal Court Judge Thomas Robinson Friday in connection to an alleged domestic violence assault.

According to police, officers responded to a Chandler hospital on Aug. 25, where a female patient, Robinson's wife, was being treated for multiple stab wounds.

“A stabbing is a very personal thing,” said Chandler PD Det. Seth Tyler. “It is close quarters. It is up close and very personal.”

At the time, police said, both Robinson and his wife said she was attacked by an intruder. Robinson told officers he did not want a police investigation or any prosecution, according to police.

“Thomas and his wife provided the same story,” Tyler said. “They were adamant this was not a domestic offense and an intruder broke in to the home.”

The investigation stopped until police received a call from an emergency crisis line on Thursday that reported Robinson's wife had said he stabbed her.

Robinson's wife told police the two had started arguing over possibly infidelity -- she said she had contacted an unknown number on his phone and a female voice picked up.

According to police, Robinson's wife said she was very angry and started to damage items around their home. She said she flushed some of Robinson's "prized possessions" down the toilet.

“When he gets home, that is when the alleged attack occurs,” Tyler said.

Robinson’s wife told police she attempted to kill herself in several different ways before lying down in bed. Court documents show she drank drain cleaner, household poison and used a garden hose to suck exhaust from her car into the cab.

According to his wife, Robinson returned home and seeing the damage, entered the bedroom with a knife and attacked her. He stabbed her multiple times in the chest, back, arm and face.

She said Robinson eventually stopped and apologized, but the two did not initially go to the hospital out of fear of getting Robinson in trouble, according to the police investigation.

Police said Robinson was arrested at his work Friday.

“I’m pretty surprised by that, I really am,” said Jeff Moore. “He seemed like a nice neighbor.”

According to police, Robinson eventually admitted to stabbing his wife multiple times out of anger. He told police he and his wife "stonewalled" the detectives during the initial stabbing investigation.

Robinson admitted to disposing of the knife and other evidence, police said.

Robinson was booked on 10 counts of aggravated assault and one count of tampering with evidence.

According to the city, Robinson had been serving as a municipal court judge hearing misdemeanor criminal cases since 2009.

He is on paid administrative leave pending an investigation, but has filed for retirement effective this Thursday, according to city officials.