PHOENIX - Surveillance cameras caught a group of teens stealing money from a tip jar Friday night at the Fillmore Coffee Company in downtown Phoenix.

The business owner, Mike Atwell, is concerned because this is the second time he’s been targeted like this.

“We’re not sure if it’s the same group. This is the first time we’ve seen them on camera, but we think it is. It fits the same profile,” said Atwell.

He said other business in the area are also getting robbed.

The money in the tip jar belonged to Shawn Berry, the coffee shop’s barista. However, he’s not as concerned about losing the cash as he is about other possible victims who might really depend on extra money.

“I’ve been working in coffee shops for six or seven years now, and I’ve seen people that work more hours than I do that really rely on this type of thing to provide for their families,” added Berry.

Both Atwell and Berry aren’t trying to put these kids behind bars. Instead he hope to catch them for a different reason.

“Mainly, I think if they come in here, face to face, I think the embarrassment might be enough,” said Atwell.

They’re hoping to get the word out and get these kids to apologize, re-pay and learn from what they did, but they also hope they learn from the good in other people.

“During that night, a customer was hosting an open mic event here and when the tips got taken out he saw it and asked the audience there to re-fill my tip jar back up, and I thought that was an equally nice little silver lining and kind of just shows the generosity in other people,” said Berry.