PHOENIX - Police arrested a man Wednesday in a 2015 murder case after he sold a handgun they believe was used in the shooting.

Aaron Juan Saucedo, 23, is the suspect in deadly Aug. 16, 2015 shooting near 7th Street and Montebello Avenue.

Police used forensic evidence to determine that the gun used in the shooting was a Hi-Point handgun.

They also learned through a records check that Saucedo sold a Hi-Point handgun to a pawn shop just 16 days after the shooting.

It appears from court paperwork that Saucedo had a connection to the victim, though many names are redacted, so the exact connection is unclear.

Police tracked down the gun, which was sold by the shop in June 2016 and asked the new owner of the gun if they could use it to conduct a comparative analysis. The results of the analysis concluded that the gun matched the shooting.

Saucedo faces a first-degree murder charge. His first court appearance is scheduled for May 1.