People who use work trucks usually have reason to be invested in their truck and its contents -- after all, it's part of what allows them to earn a living.

But work trucks rarely fit in a garage, so they can be at risk of theft.

One north Phoenix man said he's found that out first-hand -- four times, in fact, including Tuesday.

Mark Trezise said he caught video footage of a black SUV entering his gated community and the people inside pulling items off his truck. He said this happened just before noon.

Trezise said he caught several people in the act of stealing his equipment back in December and the situation escalated when one of them pulled a gun. Fortunately for him, police showed up and took control of the situation.

Because his community is gated, you may think he should be safe from this type of theft, but it looks like the burglars have a gate code.

If you have any information about this case, call Phoenix PD at 602-262-7626.