Madeline Jones, the Mesa mother who went missing for more than three months with her son William, is back in Arizona.

She was found in San Diego and arrested for custodial interference. Police allege she and her parents orchestrated her and William's disappearance after a custody dispute with William's father, Jacob Gouchenour.

Jones had her first appearance before a judge early Friday morning at the 4th Avenue Jail.

She's facing a charge of custodial interference, a class six felony, and conspiracy to commit the same crime.

“She took the baby out of state. Had she stayed in Arizona, she would still be facing charges, but they wouldn’t be as bad,” said legal analyst Monica Lindstrom.

William is now in Gouchenour's full custody in Utah.

“I don’t know why it had to get this far. I think it’s important for every child to have both parents in their life and because of Madeline’s choices, she’s gonna be out of her son’s life,” said Gouchenour.

Jones' parents, Cassandra and Roland Jones, have been arrested for allegedly helping her fake her disappearance.

“Her parents are actually facing more charges than what she is. They’re charged with conspiracy not only to commit custodial interference, but they’re also charged with giving false information,” said Lindstrom.

The teen mom went missing June 15. Her parents called 911 on June 16 to report her missing.

Jones was booked into the 4th Avenue Jail Thursday.

Her bond is set at $50,000 and she is scheduled for her second court appearance at 8:30 a.m. on October 20.