A 20-year-old man sexually assaulted a woman in a Scottsdale parking garage after the two met on Tinder, according to police.

Fabiano Niyongabo met the 18-year-old victim on the dating app several weeks before they first met in person Oct. 1 at Scottsdale Fashion Square mall, police documents show.

After she got into his car to go to a restaurant and they talked for a few minutes, Niyongabo began to kiss the victim. When she told him to stop, documents show he continued, biting and touching her and grabbing her hand, forcing her to touch him.

The victim later confronted Niyongabo via text message and he apologized, saying he was "really sorry if you didn't like what I made you do."

He continued to try to meet her again, specifically to have sex, police documents show.

Police used forensic evidence and surveillance footage from the parking garage to confirm the victim's account.

Niyongabo eventually admitted to investigators that he regretted what he did and felt that he was out of control, but denied forcing the victim to do anything or holding her against her will.