GILBERT, Ariz. - A Gilbert bike racing coach has been accused and arrested for child molestation and sexual conduct with a minor, court records show.

According to court documents, 42-year-old Randall Patrick McCamman has been accused of molesting several children -- both boys and girls -- including a family member.

The mother of one of the victims contacted the Gilbert Police Department when her husband found an inappropriate text exchange with McCamman on her son's phone.

The 14-year-old boy told police that he was molested by McCamman when he was 12 years old, court documents said.

At least one victim is on a BMX race team that McCamman coaches, court documents said.

Court documents suggest McCamman has been molesting minors since he was 26 years old, but never was charged until now. The documents said McCamman "has victimized a lot of children and could offend more."

Documents show the encounter that led to McCamman's arrest happened New Year's Day 2015. McCamman was arrested last Friday.