The former principal of an Apache Junction elementary school pleaded guilty Tuesday to attempting to lure a minor for sexual exploitation.

Karl Waggoner had only been in Arizona a few weeks when he was pulled over in Apache Junction and arrested. His wife and family were still in Texas.

He was just weeks into his job at Four Peaks Elementary at the time of the arrest after he posted a Craigslist ad looking for teenage girls to go skinny dipping, according to police.

The "14-year-old girl" who responded was an undercover police officer.

According to transcripts of their chats, the officer told Waggoner she was only 14, but Waggoner didn't appear to care.

Initially when investigators tried to confirm the meetup, Waggoner allegedly backed off, citing the "girl's" age.

But in Arizona, just having that conversation is enough for an arrest, and police were worried about more than just that conversation, considering Waggoner's position as a school principal.

No other charges were filed in the case.