PHOENIX - On April 25, 63-year-old Eladio Arrendondo Estrada was selling corn from his cart on North 26th Street just south of Bell Road in Phoenix.

It was an area he knew well. According to family, he never felt in danger.

That Tuesday evening at about 8:30 p.m., Estrada was attempting a sale to a man when a second man approached him from behind with a gun. In surveillance video provided by Phoenix police, the second man can be seen exchanging words with Estrada, then firing a shot to the ground. According to police, a second shot struck near his neck.

That’s when Estrada took off running for his life. Two more shots rang out as he ran from his attacker, one fatally taking him down.

It’s believed the two male suspects may have taken off in a dark-colored 1997 four-door Dodge Stratus. Phoenix police believe they may have been trying to rob Estrada.

The senseless shooting has left Estrada's family heartbroken.

Family members describe Estrada as a hardworking man who loved his wife, children and grandchildren.

The surveillance video is grainy, so it’s hard to make out the identities of the two suspects.

Family is pleading for the public's help.

“From the heart, we really ask for your guys' help. It would really mean a lot to us," said Estrada's granddaughter Maria Lopez. "There obviously had to be somebody who saw something."

A memorial for Estrada is all that remains at the scene. The shooting has left more questions than answers for the family. His granddaughter says the suspects need to be found before any more harm can be done in the community.

“There wouldn't be somebody out there no more that could harm someone else the way he harmed my grandfather,” said Lopez.

Police are encouraging anyone with information about the murder to call Silent Witness at 480-948-6377 (Español: 480-837-8440)