PHOENIX – The family of accused Serial Street Shooter Aaron Saucedo’s first alleged victim is speaking with 12 News almost two years after his death.

Raul Romero, 61, was gunned down in front of his apartment in Phoenix near 10th Street and Bethany Home Road back in August of 2015.

It happened a little more than a mile from where the suspect lived with his mother, who Carlos Garfias Velazquez says Romero was dating.

“The day he was killed, I understand he went to have dinner with her,” Garfias said. “When he went back home, that’s when he was killed.”

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Garfias says Romero never made any comments that would raise concerns about the Saucedo.

“I thought everything was fine, because he would go over to their house,” she Garfias. “I only saw [Saucedo] twice. Honestly, I don’t know [the family] well.”

Saucedo is behind bars in connection with 12 shootings and nine killings -- many of which were lumped in with the Serial Street Shootings from last summer.

He was arrested last month, suspected in Romero's shooting death, before investigators tied him to the 2016 serial shootings.

Whether it was Saucedo or not who pulled the trigger, killing Romero, the family is left with this void.

“We miss him very much … It surprised the whole family, because we didn’t see it coming,” said Garfias. “We leave it in the hands of the authorities and God to do whatever is necessary … May justice be done.”