SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. – A Miami woman said she was nearly victimized by the man accused of holding eight women against their will in Sandy Springs.

Kenndric Roberts, who faces multiple counts of false imprisonment and human trafficking after one alleged victim called police last week, could have many more victims. But one of those is not Andrea Herrera.

Herrera, 27, of Miami, said she was almost smooth-talked into coming to Atlanta by Roberts.

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Kat Stacks, Herrera's hip hop stage name, said that while Roberts tried to lure her to Atlanta just a few months ago, she said that she trusted her instincts.

Herrera said Roberts reached out to her via Instagram, several months before his arrest on human trafficking charges in Sandy Springs last week.

“At first he said he was a rapper and wanted me to be one of his models. He just kept sending me pictures and videos of a lot of money, sent pictures of his house and said he would fly me to Atlanta,” Herrera recalled.

But his Instagram account raised some red flags for the performer.

“When I investigated his page, I was like no… I know better because I was in that industry, so I didn’t take the offer,” Herrera said.

Herrera, who was a was a victim of sex trafficking as a teenager, said she has published a book about her experience and often speaks out on the topic.

Roberts has not been charged with sex trafficking, but is accused of forcing young women to work as strippers and keeping all their earnings.

His social media videos show the women with lavish gifts and catered dinners, but Hererra said that doesn’t mean they’re not victims.

“Just because he’s posting lobsters and fancy stuff, you don’t know what is going on when the camera is off; you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.”

Roberts is being held at the Fulton County Jail and waived his first appearance hearings on both Thursday for original charges and Friday for new charges.

There was no bond and he is being represented by the Public Defender's Office. His next court date is scheduled for March 24.

The FBI believes that there may be more victims.

As the investigation continues, any other victims or persons with additional information can contact the Sandy Springs Police Department or the FBI at (404) 679-9000.

Raw video: Kat Stacks talks about suspect in human trafficking case