PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. - Detectives from the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office arrested a Prescott woman last week after finding 21 animals dead at her former Prescott Valley home.

Marie Spak, 22, faces 21 counts of animal cruelty.

YCSO's animal control officer found four dogs, two rabbits, five chickens and 10 chicks dead in June in a home Spak had recently leased before moving.

According to a YCSO release, the officer smelled the dead animals as soon as he stepped out of his truck. Once he was inside the home, he saw animal feces on the walls and carpet and initially found the rabbits inside the kennel in the home's master bedroom.

The cleanup crew that accompanied him had to wear respirators because of the odor, YCSO said.

The officer then found a shed that smelled of decay. He found a dead dog in a cardboard box filled with feces and dried urine inside that shed.

Behind the shed, he found trash cans that contained two other dogs wrapped in a shower curtain. Near the trash cans were the 10 chicks in a plastic storage bin and the five chickens. The release said the last dog was found in the home's yard the following day.

The investigation found that the animals were malnourished and poorly cared for in their lives with Spak, according to the release. Detectives found scratch and bite marks on the door frame inside a feces-covered bathroom, indicating a dog was likely trapped in there.

When YCSO detectives found Spak, she denied the cruelty allegations and claimed she'd made vet visits, but she could not show them documentation confirming the visits.

She was booked into the Camp Verde Detention Center and has been released on $5,000 bond. She is not permitted to care for or house any animals during her release.