A woman who admitted drowning her twin 2-year-old sons in 2015 and attempting to drown their 3-year-old stepbrother was found guilty but insane Friday.

Mireya Alejandra Lopez faces two life sentences for the first-degree murders and an additional 20 years for the attempted murder.

The judge in the case ordered her to be taken to Arizona State Hospital.

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The drownings happened Aug. 20, 2015.

According to the police report from that day, Lopez "made spontaneous statements to police stating she had drowned her children." When asked what she meant, she told police that she had held the twins down in the bathtub, authorities said. When she was asked why she did this, she said it was "because nobody loved them and nobody loved her," the police report states.

She told police the twins were not treated well and she wanted them to be at peace.

Lopez's mother told police she found the twins and stopped Lopez from drowning the third brother.

According to police, Lopez had received treatment for several mental illnesses prior to the killings.