Manuel Isaac Alvarado opened his front door on the night of May 18, 2012 and may not have know he was allowing trouble to come inside.

Police say moments after two men approached his door, Alvarado was dead, his dog killed and his mother threatened at gunpoint. Nearly five years after the murder at the condominium complex near 40th Street and Broadway Road, the case remains unsolved.

Police say there is nothing to lead them to believe Alvarado was involved in any illegal activity. It’s also unknown if Alvarado knew the killers, or was even expecting them that night.

Police say it appears there was a struggle over a gun that belonged to Alvarado.

“It could have been a robbery, could have been someone he knew who went in there to take his gun. We don’t know,” said Det. Mike Fischer with the Phoenix Police Department and Silent Witness.

Alvarado’s mother and fiancee were in the other room and say one of the suspects pointed a gun at them. They did not get a clear description.

“Could you imagine? They were terrified getting a gun pointed at them,” Detective Fischer said. “The description was basically very vague. We don’t have any other description other than two black males.”

They were able to tell police one of the suspects identified himself as “Corey’s brother” but it’s not clear who “Corey” is or  “Corey’s” connection to Alvarado, if any.

Police are asking for any information that could help identify the suspects.

“As with any case it can be a day old or 20 years old. As long as we are still looking for a suspect it’s an open case.”

If you have any information call 480-WITNESS (948-6377).
A memorial for Manuel Isaac Alvarado, killed May 18, 2012. (Photo: Silent Witness)